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A Personal Message from Candace:

Ever since I can remember, I have always been curious about others and drawn to learning about their life stories, successes, growth, and the subsequent influence on the world around them.

I am fortunate to belong to a large group of international friends and colleagues also desiring to learn and tell the life stories of others. This is especially exciting when these stories can significantly and positively impact a generation.

I am beyond honoured and humbled to be the Executive Producer at the beginning developmental stage of three planned feature films.

Its’ a whole new world for me. I am deeply grateful to be learning from our powerful team of experienced producers and advisors.

These projects will take some time as all good things take to build.  I get to join in on the very beginning of this journey. It feels like when I experienced the building of our first dream home, many years ago.

Some of these projected films already have a story and a script, and some are just in the very beginning stages.  We are currently hearing the stories through first hand conversations, then development, and financial talks.

As with all creative projects they must be supported with sound business practices before asking for investments. Such practices must demonstrate realistic ROI’s (Return of Investments) while mitigating any risks in advance.  Egos and insisting on our own way, are simply not part of the options. Asking someone to risk an investment without doing our due diligence (assessing the realities versus the “dream” and subsequently  understanding our market) would be highly irresponsible.  

Regardless of the stage these projects are at, each one of our stories holds value with the goal of making a difference to the world today.

Also exciting is the unique grass roots marketing option that has never been done before!  This new added value can exponentially increase market revenue, before potential theatre/television release and help less fortunate kids in local North American communities, and possibly the world!

I can’t say more at this time, but there are so many exciting things to come!

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Film Projects

Documentary Feature Film

“Light of Israel – Destiny by Jeff Mitchum”.

Filming to Begin December 1 2023, Israel

Now in Development- Please contact Candace- for Investor/Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities